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I am encountering some type of problem, and bear with me since this is the first time I've disassembled the clutch on this bike.

I'm placing the clutch cover back on and my problem now appears that there is too much slack in my clutch cable. Of course, I never even touched the clutch cable. The cover is making contact with the center pin on the bearing inside. The outside metal lever which connects to the clutch cable on the exterior of the clutch cover, I connect and then swing around in order to latch onto the pin and the lever rests pointing in the direction of the engine. I attach the cable, there is no resistance at all. There is no 'pull' from the clutch. Did I screw something up in the reassembly? I made certain to go over everything twice when seating all of the disks. Did I over or under torque the center nut?

Should the center clutch pin want to normally pull back in the direction of the engine? I can move it in and out with some resistance (with the cover off).

One thing I forgot to mention is that when reassembling the clutch, the pusher plate does spin freely. I have to use a clutch tool in order to hold it in place to tight the 6 screws. I do remember NOT having to do this in order to remove them, thus the pusher plate stayed in place on its own. What am I missing here?

2015 F3 800

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