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Originally Posted by draz View Post
I have not taken anything apart as I rely on my mechanic but his knowledge with Mv's is limited. I wouldn't say I was ham fisted, I noticed the noise when moving the bike in the car park (I normally ride with ear plugs in). I have not had the bike very long, might not be a bad idea to get a new chain and cush drive rubbers, I'm only in the country for another week. I do not have a paddock stand to check the chain condition while rotating. I would say the rubbers might take a bit of beating with heat in Qatar.
Thanks for the update, I recon your problems are as follows:

1. Usually ride with earplugs - this bike is mechanically noisy as is, earplugs hide a lot of that noise which you may find strange after going for a ride without them.

2. Parking lot - slowish parking lot speeds speeds tend to amplify chain rattle as there is some on-off throttle happening. Also some lugging of the engine could also be happening as most bikes have a tall 1st gear.

3. No paddock stand - you will probably only notice worn cush drive rubbers or a worn chain having the bike on a paddock stand.

With that said, items 1 and 2 listed above are probably your culprits here and there is a good chance your bike is 100% fine. The mind is a powerful thing and once you notice something, its very difficult to un-notice.

You can confirm if there is a real issue by putting it on a paddock stand and testing for chain tight spots by measuring the slack along a full wheel revolution.

The cush drive you can check by turning the rear wheel a few degrees back and forth and noticing for any play at the sprocket before the chain starts to turn. This is most easily accomplished on a paddock stand, but you can check with a friend on the bike holding it straight and pushing it back and forth.
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