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I have a lot of different tools from a number of manufacturers. What to buy depends on how often you will use them but, for the casual mechanic I like the Craftsman wrench and socket sets however I bought mine when they were US made. But their very small 1/4" drive ratchet sucks. Now from China. Kobalt is decent also but probably Chinese. I feel that some of the best wrench and socket stuff is made by Snap On but cost a fortune. For screwdrivers and hex keys, I feel that Wiha (German) is the best however PB (Swiss) makes some very nice hex stuff. For pliers etc, Knipex (German) has very nice stuff. Griot's seems to have a lot of nice tools and runs sales every so often. I like their stuff, esp their $20 on sale 49140 screwdriver bit set.

For tools that have no moving parts and for applications requiring less precision, Harbor Freight is my go to for stuff like pry bars, hammers or tools that I know I am going to break or don't care if I do. Nevertheless, Pittsburgh through HF has some very nice black composite ratchets that I feel are excellent. And their tool cabinets rival those from SO in terms of quality and functionality, but not in price. A last comment is that Vessel makes very nice screwdrivers, including those having an impact feature and those for JIS Phillips screws.

Of course, if you really want to spend a fortune, Hazet (German) would be happy to ruin your bank account, but not your bolts.

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