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Thanks for the replies people and your time, you have put my mind at ease(for now).

Now then uncle nigelrb, individual tastes are certainly interesting, those pipes are a pinky red anodised finish Titanium Sil Moto's with I think Chrome tips. Not everybody likes em, they came with the bike and I think their great and along with the wheels helped me to choose this particular bike and the fact was it was a steal. A bit ostentatious for some I must admit so I can certainly understand your view on said matter.

Some times peeps opinion bothers me as in causes doubt, but not when I am certain I like something.
The bike came with the original pipes in a box, and I must say I find them ugly and very boring in shape and plain black. Another interesting one is the original wheels, matt dark grey(the early models, silver later much better) although some like understatement.

Now here's an odd one, if you noticed that the dzus fastners are Aluminium on the right of the bike and the original gold types on the bikes left, yes I know it is slightly eccentric and it is for several reasons it is like this. Incidentally does anyone know what that electro plating? gold type finishing is called on the original fairing fastners?

F4 750 1+1 2000 model

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