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Graphics error

Greeting folks,

Now I know this is subjective as it is each to their own, but after accidentally putting the wrong Decals(the long one which is forward top of the side middle panel) on my bike for it's respray I can't figure out if I should just live with it. Particually as it took me over 2 weeks to spot my error. Working on the bike in the garage the MV part of the logo looks white depending on the light and the angle. On my bike now the 'MV' part of the logo is silver from the side panel paint beneath it as the decal must be clear in this area, but for me it depends on the light/angle as to when it is obvious.

The 'MV' in this decal should be white and the lighter blue side ways flash should be lighter, but I ordered 1970's MV 750 decals without realising it. I did not spot the differences when comparing to a correct Decal, I think due to when carefully pulling back part of the Decal cover the backing paper was white which hid the MV part being clear.

The point is should I just live with it at least for now because unless I pointed it out most peeps wouldn't spot it, or would most of you immediately need to get both side panels completely redone because it would bug you? I could wait til their is a reason to repaint. At the moment I can't figure it out, but it seems a shame to repaint as I just had it done.

I already have a spare set of the correct Decals(yes I'm sure as they have the proper MV part numbers for a MV750 F4 2000). I do not intend to sell the bike, and if I did would get it re-done correctly.

Thankyou for your views.
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