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Originally Posted by silentservice703 View Post
First things obviously have not tested your current unit otherwise the bike would already be disassembled. This could be as simple as a dirty connector.

Before you source a new component, why don't you ensure that the current component is bad?
absolutely i will check air temp sensor , and i was able to locate it and access it without removing front of bike , just the right hand side air inlet cover needed to be removed was a bit tricky to get out but i managed, and located the ATS unfortunately thats about as far as i can get as i am not good checking things electrical , i did disconnect the wire and inspected it for corrosion or and breaks non found !

reason i was sourcing the part was i figured i would start looking for one now and cross referenced part #s from several 2013 mv bikes to have the same part # and readily available on ebay, because i have things on order direct from MV for over 3 months now and still no part ,

and honestly now i can take the bike to any shop and have ATS checked and replace it myself , My regular mechanic would have charged me a easy hour to inspect and test it and he is not very close to me so what ever i can do myself i usually do.

but much appreciated on the confirmation of part # !!
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