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99 - 00 F4 Prices Australia

Dear all,
Can I have some discussion about prices and selling of 750 F4s' in Australia? I have been watching intently the prices of 99 - 00 F4s since a purchase 2 years ago. I see them up for sale on Bikesales and Gumtree, most asking $10,000 to $15,000 These sit for months and months, sometimes years. One F4 was listed on ebay and made just over $7000 but didn't meet reserve. that same bike is now on the net in the $10 to $15 bracket. Do these sellers really want to sell their bikes? Surely if you want to sell something then you must put up a price that people will buy. If they are not buying then the price of your product is too high. Even a few that have been listed at $8000 sit for a lengthy period of time. So, what is a selling price of a good standard unmolested F4 in Australia? If and auction doesn't make $7000 ........
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