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It seems as though the exhaust flapper valve is working correctly now. The issue is with the side stand. The yellow dash light stays on even when I kick the side stand up. I’m assuming it has something to do with the sensor. I did take the side stand off to get more clearance. I thought I put it back together the same way I took it off but apparently not as that is why the bike dies when I put it in gear. I consulted the manual but no help there. Any suggestions?
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Sounds like an issue with the gear position sensor. The bike uses different ECU mapping for different gears. So, if it thinks its in neutral it will not have the same power as if in a gear. Also, 1st gear mapping can be different than 2nd and 3rd and so on.

Did the display show an error for exhaust servo?

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Having this issue yet again. I thought I had it figured out but recently experienced loss in power in first gear. Took a look at it yesterday and couldn’t figure it out. Issues with the pics in the service manual versus the pics posted here. There are two marks on the servo casing. In the service manual it looks like the mark they say to line up with before adjustment is left of center of you’re looking at it with the connection pointed straight up. You’re pics look like it’s lines up with the arrow or marking right of center instead. I tried both ways, sprayed inside with the electrical cleaner as well as shot some PB Blaster on the valve. Had plenty of power in first gear but as soon as I kicked it into second it would die. Not sure if I screwed something else up. The bike still shows it’s in neutral even when I kick it down into first. Wondering if I created an issue with the TPS. Once again any and all help is greatly appreciated.

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