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Originally Posted by Ian SAVS View Post
You do realize you are the true definition of an internet troll right now, right? You seem like a pretty intelligent guy, but your continued aggression and vitriol belies that. Youíve also stated that you donít own an Agusta anymore and you have no reason to be here, so it seems like youíre just hanging around to stir up the pot and call people you donít know and youíve ever met, racists, bigots, white supremacists, pedophiles, etc. It suppose youíve run out of arguments, and have resorted to ad hominem attacks on strangers. Itís sad really, As youíre coming across as a lonely, angry old man with nothing better to do. You should let go of the hate, let love into your heart and try not to reinforce the leftist stereotype. Your type gives the left a bad name. Close the computer and go out and ride a motorcycle, if you still own one. It will probably make you feel better
I do like your avatar, very imaginative, unlike most.

I don't see that it makes any difference whether or not someone has an MV. I own two, I 'virtually' assign one to Dave, the TV would go well in the shaky isles. Problem solved. In my opinion, there are several participants on this thread that are racist, bigots, and sexists. Maybe not you, but there are certainly others. Dunno about paedophiles, it is probably just Andrew being an insensitive redneck, again, and the fact that most of you are so ignorant and insular that you don't have any sort of ethical or moral perspective other than self-righteous fear and loathing.

This is a public site, potential MV owners can see the sort of bile that spills out about those you fear and loath, and of course Noel's handjob hoedown, or as I like to call it, the daydream believers thread, would do wonders for encouraging any potential female members.
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