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Hello guys, i am new to this forum and i just recently joined the community. I am highly relieved to have found this forum as i was worried that i have no options left. This forum may just be my last saving grace and i will be greatly in debt if i can get any insight.
The thing is my bike which is 2016 model dragster rr suddenly has this weird issue of not staying on idle, it just shuts off. Bike starts just fine no problem starting but the bike only remains on for just a few seconds and the ignition just cuts off as if i have hit the killswitch.
I have contacted the dealer and the mechanic just checked all possible problems like battery, starter relay, ignition switch, sprag clutch and all electric wires and terminals but to no vain the problem still persist.
Guys any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
Hi, have you checked the side stand switch?
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