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The absolute worst environment for a bike, or any mechanical thing for that matter, is one where the temperature and humidity vary widely. A bike in a cold garage that is suddenly exposed to warm air and higher humidity accumulates condensate both inside and out and this is responsible for a lot of damage and/or problems. Combine this with something that is not run or maintained/looked after and it quickly turns into an expensive disaster. I'm just exiting another miserable winter here in the NE US and I spend a lot of time protecting the stuff and is a significant reason I installed an insulated steel pole bldg having a heated concrete slab. Put the thermo on 55 and you can wear a T-shirt.

A bike that is ridden is doing what it is meant to do and, even though the miles accumulate, we can generally assume that such a machine is at least subject to some maintenance and a ground crew walk around before a ride, esp one of MV's caliber.

Failure is not an option

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