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Haupti's Flee Market F4 and Brutale Carbon, Ti,...

I will have to leave the USA and everything I have has to go.
I took all the Parts of my F4S and the Brutale S.
They will fit all F4 and Brutale from 1997 to 2009.
And yeah, they are all in great conditions but were used so there are imperfections to be considered.
So please have a look and PM me.
Everything is Sold now!

MV Agusta F4 Oro Carbon Monoposto Tail = 500$ (Sold)
Motocorse Ti Slash Cut RG3 End Cans = 1000$ (Sold)
MV Agusta F4 Oro Carbon Tank = 750$ (Sold)
MV Agusta Corse Brutale Ti Exhaust System = 1500$ (Sold)
MV Agusta Corse Carbon Air Ducts Left and Right = 500$ (Sold)
MV Agusta Corse F4 Carbon Under Tray = 250$ (Sold)
MV Agusta Corse F4 Carbon Battery Tray = 250$ (Sold)
Tank Protector MV Agusta Corse F4 Red 25$ (Sold)
Tank Protector MV Agusta Corse F4 Clear 25$ (Sold)
Red Alcantara Seat & Hump, used, 50$ (Sold)
Red Alcantara Hump F4 Red (Senna) new 30$ (Sold)
Fuel Tank Cap Tamburini Corse Red F4/Brutale 97-09, with Lock Cap or Quick Release = 70$ (Sold)
Fuel Tank Cap MV Agusta Corse Black F4/Brutale 97-09 Quick Release = 50$ (Sold)
MV Agusta Corse Prototype F4 Fairing Stays Carbon F4 97-09 = 200$ (considered Sold)
F4 Bike Indoor Cover, the real Deal, You will not find a Second, everything embroidered, so soft You would wrap Yourself in it. Never used = Soldl
MV Agusta F4 Carpet = Sold
Brutale 910 Tank Rosso / Grigio with a small Scratch which got touched up. = Somebody have mercy with the Tank, even if You use it as Garage Decoration, it is too good to be thrown in the Garbage. (Sold)
F4 SPR MV Agusta Corse Headers, fits according to Donsy every F4 97-09 = 250$ only, make an offer, they have to go (Sale pending with Erik)
MV Agusta Ride Height Alignment Tool = 40$ (Sold)
Brutale Head Light, not new and used = 200$ (Sold)
Marchesini forged Alu Wheels (Brembo Superlights) used, with a few Chips = 450$ (Sold)
Marchesini forged Alu Wheels (Brembo Superlights) used, with a few Chips and a Dent in the front Wheel which could be repaired, but the Wheel was perfectly seal for Years on my Brutale. = 200$ (Sold)
MV Agusta Corse Front Wheel Stand = 75$ (Sold)
Tamburini Corse Rear Wheel Stand = 100$ (pending Sale)
MotoMFG (Gutsy Performance) US made Central Stand, with two Frame Bushings = 200$ (Sold)
F4 Carbon Bits = 50$ or make an offer (Sold)
Brutale Carbon Bits (the Front Fender fits also F4) = 200$ (Sold)
Ferracci Bar Raisers F4, with all the Pros and Cons = 50$ (Sold)
Brutale Carbon Air Intakes = 75$ (sold)
Barracuda Windscreen Brutale = 40$ (Sold)
And I have a Hugh Bag of MV Agusta Spares, Bolts, Nuts, Pins, Gaskets, Washers, Light Bulbs, etc. for 50$ (Sold)
May I make Photo Later of the Spare Parts.
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