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Originally Posted by theknurl View Post
Got your message......
Please post pictures of the inner races of the needle bearings
So far only one person has had a needle bearing failure......the inner seal was cut and all the grease went into the
center of the hub
Deburr the spacer that goes between the inner races of the needle bearings
It appears that there has been some water intrusion......was the sprocket nut tight?
If the 6810-2RS bearing is smooth when turned with your fingers use it again

Here's what Factory torque numbers can do to a 1st Gen hub.....this is a double row bearing, only one row failed
the one inside the hub....the other one is inside the caliper bracket

Thank you, you have reminded me of what I forgot to mention at the weekend. The sprocket side nut was certainly not as tight as when I have slackened the wheel side (as a comparison) set at 200Nm by me, I have never slackened the sprocket side before.

Pictures attached of the inner races, confirm little or no burrs on the spacer. The 6810-RS is very smooth, and there is no grease leakage in the centre of the hub.

With the camera out have I taken a picture of the calliper support the position of the ABS/TC sensor correct? the manual shows it in a horizontal position but photo there does not have the same type of flange with a position option.

Many thanks for all your advice
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