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Originally Posted by mitchy View Post
Can you beg,steal or borrow a 1 metre long straight edge,then check the alignment yourself by sitting it against the rear sprocket,then along to the front sprocket.
I would doubt very much if the swing arm has been machined out of alignment.
Have you checked for any movement in the hub with the rear wheel on yet?
That is the first thing I would do.
Next check your sprocket carrier/cush drive rubbers and spacer for any wear.
As most members have said the hub is abnormally stiff and needs investigation so I will try and remove it over the weekend and verify the condition of the swing arm bore and hub surface.

There is no movement in the hub with the wheel in situ. I can carry out an alignment check as well, and inspect the Cush drive when I get the bike's rear end off the ground.

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