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So the oem light has White, Brown and Black wires, attached to the clip (not sure what thats called). Those three wires attach to the White lights light, which has Black, Red and White wires, in the following order:
Brake light:
F3 White -> WL Black
F3 Black -> WL Red
F3 Brown -> WL White

Turn signals was the confusing one as the oem cabling has Black and Red wires for Left and Blue and Black wires for the Right. The WL signal wiring only has 2 wires, one Yellow and the other Blue. You only need the Black wires from the oem side. I snipped and shrink wrapped them to keep them out of the way.
F3 Black (from the one with the Red) -> WL Yello
F3 Black (from the one with the Blue) -> WL Blue

And thats it. Worked 100%. This might be a simple thing for a season mechanic but it was a head scratcher for me. First time I tried wiring on my bike. Was fun, albeit frustrating, to figure it out.
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