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Originally Posted by esq'z me View Post
The bore is machined....quit worrying about that...take the hub out and have a look.

Rear hub problems are NOT a rampant certain to fail thing. More people (who do proper maintenance) have never had a problem than people who have..... and in 2010 the factory made changes to address the weak area.

You have let a thread about hub failures create an unrealistic fear.

Granted, your inability to rotate the hub in the swing arm is not normal, but I will wager there is a very simple explanation that will be revealed once you pull the hub out.
Hi esq'z me,

Your quite right I am bit of a worry guts, like you getting on a bit and may not be around too long, so ride time is precious

However I have delay for getting on with the hub for longer straps to arrive to lift her up, so I thought I would remove the front sprocket to alter the gearing I had planned to do late last year. Anyway removed the front sprocket OK and notice that there is uneven wear on each side and for only 1800 miles I thought that amount is quite excessive. Another indication that the drive is a little skewed maybe?
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