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I have had some success this morning and managed to move the hub fractionally. I am now of the opinion that the hub is not seized by corrosion, as on very close inspection it looks to me as though it is not sitting square in the swingarm. Although difficult to photograph close up, the picture with swingarm slot was taken after setting the pinch bolts to 25Nm and is clearly uneven by 2mm from a feeler gauge placed perpendicular to each bolt. In addition the gap between the teeth on the hub varies axially by 2.5mm at positions between 10 to 3 o'clock on the hub, taken inside the teeth of hub to swingarm body. I recall the gap/slot was never that uneven before I attempted to adjust chain so effectively the hub must have been over torqued by at least 1 bolt and the gap was considerably smaller, than as adjusted today. Therefore is it likely to have damaged the hub anyway?

As a recent newcomer to MV is it possible to badly fit a hub out of square in the swingarm, in other words is there that much clearance? as yet I do not know what the fit should be like, sloppy, or in my mind like a piston in a cylinder would be preferable before tensioning.

In addition and another puzzle to me is as you notice the chain was dealer replaced when I purchased the bike, I find it hard to comprehend that the dealer managed to fit the chain without having the same problem with adjustment, if of course the problem was there at the time. Well the next step is to get the hub out and see whats what. Any comments greatly appreciated
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