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Originally Posted by Deano View Post
Never mind the tiny bit. Get a fox wedge (or two) and drive them in the slots where the hub bolts were removed. Once the wedges have opened the gap 20-30 thou there's nothing that can stop it coming out. Don't keep trying to turn it, that's just more damage and frustration. Take the sprocket, brake caliper, hub circlip off etc. and tap it out with a hardwood or brass drift. Then you can clean it all up properly and service the hub.


Hi Deano

Yes that was my next step... in the removal of sprocket, calliper etc. Just got to find a way of supporting the back end of the bike safely, I have previously supported the bikes front end off of my garage roof timbers with a block and tackle ropes etc. Just an inconvenient distraction to the real job at hand. Thank you for all your tips most appreciated



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