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Originally Posted by esq'z me View Post
@Chilblane Your hub is not likely to have any problems unless it is neglected/abused, or you over-tighten the chain and/or swing arm pinch bolts.

If you inserted a wedge (with fully loosened pinch bolts) into the swing arm and expanded the pinch point just a tiny bit you should be able to get the hub to move. May need an extension on the tool kit spanner, and maybe smack that extension with a mallet.

But it will move. If it was seized solid you would also have massive corrosion in many other areas.
Thank you, I have tried a 3 foot long tube over the extension bar, which has almost disfigured its shape (the C ring) and still no success. I have soaked it gain overnight so hope today will bring some success. I appreciate your thoughts and silentservice in trying to save me expense where it may not be necessary. I will let you know the outcome

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