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Originally Posted by silentservice703 View Post
Let' say I come to your countries, and I have made it to lovely NZ, I overstay my visa...can I now vote in your system of government? Should I be able to? IF so why?
Chuck, I addressed the stringent NZ immigration requirements in my earlier posts. The only reply I received is a an explanation that NZ is a country with much smaller population insinuating that NZ HAS to be very selective in who they admit. Yet US according to the posts from some of the members from down under US should not be afforded the right to proper immigration policies. Typical stupid ass bullshit from those that a) donít reside in US and b) donít contribute to our tax system.

Furthermore, NZ has an immigration center that ďpreparesĒ all newly admitted immigrants for integration into the NZ society. The immigrants are REQUIRED to study English and are evaluated for their job skills. I would love to have the same system setup in the US but who are we kidding? The libtards would be denouncing this center(s) as concentration camps but I guess itís ok for other countries.

To answer your questions, illegal immigration is seriously looked down upon by NZ population with citizens being encouraged to report anyone they suspect to be illegal. Illegal aliens are not afforded any rights to social programs.
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