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Originally Posted by R1andrew View Post
I would say that it is about giving people stuff for free. If you want something then work for it. I will not jump on the bandwagon that the government should provide for my well being. One of my quotes are " I am for helping those who can't, not for those who won't".
I don't really know what you mean, but if I had to guess you mean welfare recipients? I will take your comment on face value though, and follow that thought to its logical concluson.

The people who are getting free stuff, those who are killing it, and who do fuck all, who do you think they are? Auto workers? Migrants? People who, for whatever reason, just can't ever get ahead?

In my opinion, the people you should be angry at aren't those who don't want to work, or who want some help from the govt. The people you should be angry at, the people that you are paying for and who do not give a shit about you, are the same people who want you to make a contribution to the $3 billion extortion that Amazon is asking? The people who brought you the GFC, and then, got a handout from the taxpayer so that they could get their bonuses. Too big to fail. You reckon anyone has asked them to pay more tax to make up for it all? No. You paid for it. Do Not expect any thanks.
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