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Consistency was a fundamental factor oft touched upon during my mba studies in marketing, and imo is crucial to branding success. Since this is only the first "official" premier class MV Agusta event, I'm sure interest will grow quickly in the coming years. Maybe a cross promotonal strategy would have been cool. "Buy any model RC or LE and receive 2 free passes" or "Buy 2 Club Passes and get $2,000 off any 2019 model" Lots of options. I don't think I saw any signs regarding this event at any of the 3 or 4 MV Agusta dealers I've been to in the past few months. Integration and dealer support substantiates the event in my localized point of view. Small town brand ambassadors or what Ducati is doing with DOC (membership cards, tshirts, etc..) would inspire the MV crowd to go in groups. Ducati Island, etc... Use the most passionate of the marque (us!) to promote. I think that's key. That said, it looks to be an exciting event. Hope to see some good video!
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