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Very interesting, and surprising stats.

With absolutely no intent to offend, I wonder if the USA is more of a 'throw away' society, so that in the main, owners of bikes/cars or any 'hobby-related' item might not develop as much 'emotional' ownership to their bikes as those in Aus/NZ.

Further, the OZ backbone of 'mateship' (more so than NZ) might well foster greater camaraderie between owners, and therefore flow on to attending events, than might occur in USA.

Contradicting this is this very forum's 'Gapalicious' thread which seems to attract MV enthusiasts USA wide. Therefore, is it the type of event that is not patronised rather than owners' enthusiasm? Supporting that, I also note the recent thread inviting UK Midlands owners on a ride out has been very well patronised.

This is merely a 'throwing it out there' thought, because it does conflict with the ideals of dedicated owners on this board - which realistically might represent a very small percentage of ownership.

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