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Originally Posted by Manic View Post
OK I have read and experimented until I am slightly mad. I can't get the menu for the custom map.

Custom map shows on the dash, engine running (or not) and pressing the set for anything up to 20 seconds and no menu saying 'setting C map' as per instruction manual.

Has anyone else had this and what was the solution (except alcohol)?
Hi Manic, I managed to set my custom map by;
- Pressing ENGINE START button to select CUSTOM map
- Once CUSTOM map is selected, I wait for CUSTOM map to stop flashing
- Then press SET until SET CUSTOM MAP is on the screen
- Once SET CUSTOM MAP is indicated on the screen, proceed to enter with OK

Keep note that the SET / OK buttons do not necessarily need to be pressed and held for 20s. You can just try clicking (short press) it multiple times until you see SET CUSTOM MAP. I hope this helps!

When I got my Rivale my left switch was not functional.. Both SET / OK buttons did not work, could you confirm if your left switch is functional or not? I had my mechanic go over the wiring and it was just a loose connection which we fixed. After the fix, everything works.

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