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2017 Brutale 800 Handlebars and Clip-Ons

Hi everyone,

I'm interested in adjusting the ride and feel of my bike by changing the bars to something lower, narrower, and more sharply angled towards the rider, closer to that of a supersport rather than what the bike has now. I realize that because of the gas tank, I couldn't get the same angle, but I'm curious as to what I could do. I know the center mounting area on the Brutale is 1-1/8" (28mm) and I would need spacers or new clamps, given that most bars are 7/8" (22mm).

I found this set of bars at Bellissimoto - Domino Condor Vintage Clubman - but they told me that they likely wouldn't fit well because of the tank.

They suggested the Rizoma Drag Bar but it really doesn't angle back much.

The last one suggested was the Suburban Machine M3 Bar and while it looks good, I'm now wondering if it would also cause problems with the tank and tight turns.

I thought about clip-ons, but it looks like I would have to change my triple clamp entirely.

Does anyone have any thoughts or recommendations? I searched the forum a bit and didn't find much - another user had a clip-on project they were working on but given that I was at work, most of the pics didn't load.
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