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Originally Posted by Sebraun View Post
... I fail to see any reference or picture as to exactly where this sensor is mounted. Before I start disassembling the obvious locations, could someone please give me either a clue or starting point?
Switch is screwed on the RH side of the clutch receiver.
Take out the 3 small screws that from the quick-shifter cover.

then the 3 that hold the chain cover.
Undo the gearbox link to the QS from the gearbox shaft... On top easy.

Remove cover
The big brass wart on the top left is the switch.

Unless you're lucky reaching the end of the wires is iffy at best.

Tried that on the roadside. No good.

Either lift the tank = more wrenching
or unsolder the wires.
No proper tools, in my case: snip.
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