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Just got mine a little over a week ago. Second hand with 3800km's on the clock. Probably mainly used on a track or very curvy roads. Replaced old Pirelli tyres with Michelin Piolet road 2 soft dual compound tyres.

The loose mirror was easily fixed with a bit of PK screw tightening of the mirror ball joint.
Visibility improved with a slight forward rotation of the handlebars. Brake mount rotated slightly forward to take the screw underneath off the possibility of chipping the tank right on the MV agusta logo.
Plenty of get up and go so I'm hanging in there on the rain mode with TC 8.
The front brakes are viscous and I have already accidentally done two front wheel stands, so I'm going to investigate putting ABS brakes on the front wheel. (suspect the Rivale already has the option in the wiring form) I'm not into being catapulted thru the air with a bike chasing me. <smile> Been there done that. (grin)

Suspension is set to tight (for track racing) and I'm going to have to soften the ride up a bit.

I have quickshift up and down. I don't know why others say there is no down.

Suggested cheap mod is to put red reflective tape around the black mag wheels. To improve night and day visibility.

Its a fun bike and a stand out appearance and growl exhaust presence.

Currently still breaking in these new tyres before coasting the curves around the hills.

Hopefully One day I will get a "2018 MV Agusta TURISMO VELOCE RC" but until then I will be watching these forums for reports on it. Love those red mag wheels!! and bikini faring.
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