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Will a F3 manifold fit on a Brutale Euro4

Just wondering if a F3 manifold with exhaust valve will fit on my 18 Brutale 800RR.

The pipes of the Euro 4 manifolds are pretty short and the pipe with the cat is much longer than on the Euro 3 models.

Imho not so good for performance....

Euro 3:

Euro 4:

I need the exhaust valve of the F3 as here in Germany the noise controls are very strikt - I'm sure the bike will be much too loud without the valve.

Euro 4 is 98 dB, Euro 3 is 103 dB.

The order numbers of QD are the same for the Euro 3 F3 and Brutale - so the fit of the Brutale and F3 manifold to the muffler should be the same. Order number for the Euro 4 QD is only different because they changed the mounts at the food pegs.

Did anybody try that manifold swap yet?

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