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Originally Posted by jdgun View Post
So is this just a "comfort" thing for you on trying to get the rearsets higher?
My knees are right on the frame rail/lower where they should be up a solid 3-4inches on the actually lower portion of the tank. you cannot squeeze the bike at all in the position in im and ive been riding on my tip toes with ankles fully extended to try and hold my legs up so far. it is terrible. im 6ft 1in and I have no clue how shorter guys can ride it at all on the track.

I was thinking with the woodcrafts peg with an eccentric circle, we could just make a new peg or cut the circle off the peg itself and weld it up further on an extension.

for a ghetto quick fix I might try having someone weld a regular tube peg to the top of the oem peg platform so I get the extra inch, will look shit but do exactly whats needed.

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