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2017 Dragster RC - GPS / Dash Cam (Warning: Purists Beware)

Hi MV’ers,

Disclaimer: If you’re a left-brained, constantly in the pursuit of perfection purist, with a double doctorate in ideology, drop-kick your ‘puter and run away screaming now. This is a back-woods GPS / Dash Cam set up configured for a person with a single-digit IQ (me).

After checking this Forum for both GPS and Dash Cam options, ‘thought I’d share my 2017 Dragster RC set-up (~$220.00 complete). Why a GPS? ‘Cuz I possess the directional capability of a homing pigeon… albeit with a cinder block duct-tapped to its tiny head. Why a Dash Cam? Eh, stuff happens. Here's a point-counterpoint synopsis of my configuration (description of images below); all prices are USD, and all parts were sourced / delivered via Amazon Prime, unless otherwise noted.

First Point, Weatherproof: The GPS / Dash Cam chosen (the Rand McNally OverDryve 7C, ~$135 USD at Best Buy) is designed for a car / is not weatherproof.
Counterpoint: Cellular phones (that Motorcyclists use as a handlebar mounted GPS) aren't weatherproof.

Second Point, Mounting: This unit is designed for a car, mounted either on a windshield (via a suction cup) or sitting on the dash (via a dodgy bean-bag).
Counterpoint: There are numerous motorcycle-specific RAM Mount options. RAM's “Universal X-Grip II Tablet Holder” (Part Number RAMHOLUN8BU, <$36.00) and their 1” ball “Motorcycle Handlebar Clamp Base" (Part Number RAM-B-367U, $10.00) were used. Note: although the mounting ball’s description indicates 8mm screws, the manufacturer indicates that 6mm bolts (used by the Dragster) can also be used.

Third Point, Dash Cam Positioning: This unit is designed for a car, and the Dash Camera lens (located on the backside of the GPS screen) must be vertically positioned to record correctly (the lens is fixed / does not pivot).
Counterpoint: A RAM Mount long stalk ‘arm’ permits proper positioning; while recording, the GPS can be seen, just not an optimal viewing angle.

Fourth Point, Power Supply: The unit is designed for a car, intended to be plugged into a vehicle’s accessory outlet.
Counterpoint 1: The units’ internal battery is reasonably good (I’m not ‘touring’).
Counterpoint 2: The supplied cable (micro USB [connects to GPS / Dash Cam] to USB [connects to power source]) is long enough to reach the SAE Connector of my Deltran Battery Tender lead... which I've attached a Deltran Battery Tender USB connector (Part Number 081-0158, $11.00).
Counterpoint 3: Additional cables from the manufacturer are available ($20.00). Plus, there’s a plethora of aftermarket different-length connecting cables (SAE Connector to USB) available, as are a couple ‘direct’ SAE connector to micro USB cables available (bypassing the need for the Deltran Battery Tender USB connector).

Fifth Point, Size: For the love of Zeus, this thing is BIG. Improperly mounted, it’ll block out the sun (<exaggeration).
Counterpoint: It’s BIG, which as we all know, is a good thing… easy to read (much more so than a cellular phone), with big buttons for XXL gloved paws like mine. Given the upright seating position of the Dragster, for me, it does not block the instrument cluster.

Bonus Counterpoints:
>The OverDryve 7C functions on it’s own; it does not require an internet / cellular signal, and doesn’t need a hot-spot… but can be linked / bluetoothed / connected / if desired. It’s loaded with features, and has provisions for a 32GB microSDHC (for video).

>For ~$30.00 per bike, this RAM Mount system can be installed on an additional bikes, permitting easy bike-to-bike transfer (1” RAM Ball [$10.00] and cable [$20.00]).

>There’s a locking RAM Mount mechanism (“Mixed Combination Pin-Lock Security Knob and Key Knob”, Part Number RAP-S-KNOB3U, $7.50), which permits leaving the 'X' mount in place... but take the GPS / Dash Cam with you.

Summary: Compared to what was spent on the purchase, mounting (cradle, cable, Touratech mount, and Gadget Guy hardware), and wiring of a Garmin Zumo 550 (GPS, no Dash Cam) on another bike, the OverDryve 7C set up is a horrifically inexpensive and flexible option.

Image 1: RAM ball mounts on the clip-on's / top triple clamp (see yellow arrows; the second ball mount is for a GoPro).
Image 2: RAM ‘X’ spring loaded mount for larger devices on a RAM medium stalk (rubber lanyard removed to show detail).
Image 3: GPS / Dash Cam mounted on a RAM short stalk, good for GPS only.
Image 4: GPS / Dash Cam mounted on a RAM medium stalk, good for GPS only (the white color = RAM's marine grade).
Image 5: GPS / Dash Cam mounted on a RAM long stalk, good for both GPS and Dash Cam (the lens ‘sees’ over the instrument cluster).
Image 6: GPS / Dash Cam mounted on a RAM short stalk, screen view.

Mission complete, time for a beverage of choice.

Ride smart!

M Squared
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