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Originally Posted by GCBC View Post
Why would that be in the manual? they don't put ohlins on these

and of course, no manual came with the ohlins and nothing online says anything about adjusting without the 400$ add on hyrdualic hand knob
Erik, like just about all rear shocks you need a C spanner and it can be very tight / difficult to get in and adjust it, which is just one reason why the remote or hydraulic adjusters are so popular. My ohlins have always come with a little booklet and Spanner, even those with the remote adjusters. The remote adjusters have a limited adjustment range, so you need to adjust their position to suit.
@silentservice703 suggested getting the manual out, he's 100% right, it might not be the MV manual, but ohlins do explain it in their manual see page 8 in the link below.

Sometimes (especially with MV) you need to research and read the documentation a little deeper to find the info you need. Sometimes its not always where you expect it, hence we all spend time reading and learning.

Sounds like no blipper for the 2nd, maybe the 18th? Clearly a blipper helps but you can prevent the rear locking with the slipper clutch and manual throttle and clutch control.

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