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Originally Posted by fingertight View Post
Hey J. Would seem to be a flash issue for most of these. I noticed my MY14 is tough off the line also but it doesn't my case I think the clutch just grabs so quickly it's more like a bucking bronco than a bog. Very difficult to slip the clutch from a standstill. The throttle can be set by the dash. If it seems loose it could just be set on rain mode or it could be related to the ECU flash/TPS or all three. It's possible the ECU flash will fix your ills. Do you want to get rid of the rear seat cowl you have from the other bike? Still waiting on mine from March.
Thanks mate. I have tried all the settings, Rain, Normal, Sport, all awful. Checking first if it has the latest map as I am aware a number of these issues were addressed in the 2015 service update from MV.

You mean my RC seat cowl? if so, no, it will come over to this bike once the AMG fairings go on. The other cowl, plain red version I sold a while ago.
Sorry mate.

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