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F3 on song


I just got back from taking my F3 for its first service (also got tail tidy fitted, still waiting for seat cowl and even tank pad).

Anyway, the ride home was a hoot - first time in Sport mode (I've been running in religiously), and now keeping it under 11K rpm until 1600(!) miles, but I can ride more aggressively, and boy it shifts.

Anyway, parked up when I got home, and the bike makes the usual ticks and noises as it cools, except there's also a 'tone' noise, that's near constant that comes and goes, but stays on for minutes. It could be explained by some cooling effect, maybe, but sounds more electronic. If I switch on the ignition it gets slightly louder. But comes and goes seemingly irregularly. Although it's a constant tone, it's like it's singing.

20 minutes later, and it's still making the noise... any ideas?

F3 800 MY2017, red/grey, unmodded - for now
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