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Rivale mods

Greets, crowd!

Now that I've ridden my new bike all of three times, the inevitable questions have arisen:

What more can I spend on this bike to make it even better??

The answer, as always: a lot!

Highest on my list are:

Mirrors: yes I'll be doing some lane splitting and could do with shorter width, but more to the point I find them VERY difficult to judge distance with, too low down, add some very heavy vibes in typical traffic-cruising rpm make it difficult to see just what it was you just passed, and.. they've got to go.

I've got eyes on Rizoma adapters and mirrors, but: is there a known, good solution to blanking off the bar ends once the stock mirrors come off?

Seat cover: personal preference, no doubt, but: I'd appreciate another inch or so to slide my butt back on and could do with some reupholstering-any particularly good experiences here? I see that Luimoto make some tasty options.. red/silver/black in particular!

Rear brake: I've tried 3 Rivales, and the rear has been rear to non-existent on all! Is this common? Will definitely not be doing any of the sliding into corners that I've been seeing in YouTube with that!

Tank cap: seen chips on a few of these since they appear to be endowed with a modest amount of paint... silly really. Again, is this something that is widely known about,

Inevitably... exhaust!

Looking for something which retains the all-important tre-organ pipe style. I guess options are Bodis, FM, QD & corse tre hydro.
The latter are very tasty, particularly in black!
What are your experiences with build quality, and not least, the durability of ceramic coating? I'm also skeptical towards the regal tips of the QDs, in terms of durability and discoloration.

Your input please!

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