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1090RR Race ECU confirmation

Hi all,
Just bought a 2011-1090RR Brutale... The bike looks bone stock, even the muffler is bone stock. The seller (trader) said the ECU is bone stock but I do not think so for a few reasons:
- the low rpm performance is phenomenal, I can ride super slow filtering through bad traffic from 1st to 3rd gear with absolutely no clutch modulation.
- I can pull away with no jerkiness in virtually any gear
- There is no sudden surge of power, power delivery is phenomenally linear from 1000 to redline
- Idle is always swinging up and down in an obvious way when cold and stabilizing itself but still there just not as obvious when hot, I read here on another post that is a behavior of Race ECU...

The questions are:
- How do I confirm this
- How to tell if mine is a race ECU or simply a reflashed stock ECU?
- If so, how do I confirm if my exhaust flapper has been disabled?
- Does race ECU/reflashed ECU disables closed loop operation so now I can simply buy Bazzaz to further tune the bike?
- Can I get away with no further tuning when replacing exhaust and air filter if I indeed have a race ECU?
- Can race ECU be tuned further without addition of piggyback tuner?

As always, many thanks in advance folks ???
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