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All in helmet speakers are going to be useless with regard to sound when competing with wind noise on even the quietest of helmets. I used the latest sena headset with its stock speakers which mount in my ARAI Corsair 5 perfectly ( this helmet featured in some photos on the Sena website) I was riding a Honda ST1100 with super tall aftermarket screen. This bike provides so much wind protection I can ride visor open and no glasses without mych issue. Even so, the in helmet speakers were too poor on my opinion for enjoyable music listening.

I tried various cheap to mid range ear buds. These were massive massive improvement and comfortable up to about 3 hours riding. Although I wore them for 10 hours a day at times with some minor discomfort. The ear buds double as ear protection most being as effective as ear plugs for reducing ear damaging noise.

Eventually I took a tip from the aviation industry and bought Bose Quiet Comfort 20 noise cancelling ear buds. Now I am dubious of the value for money of most Bose products, but when it comes to noise cancellation they are the pros. These headphones are absolutely epic for this specifc use, intercom and music while riding a bike. Its eerie how they cancel wind noise and the thrum from the motor and yet you can still safely hear what you need to. The intercom quality is superb, you can now hear intercom easily. Music is superb quality. On the negative they have a powerpack which slipped away into the lining on my arai easily enough, not sure on other helmets. They also have about 10 hour battery life when worked hard, but charge very quick. Price? Worth every penny.

So thats my advice, budget for bose quiet comfort 20 or otherwise some good ear buds and spend the remainder on the actual headset.

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