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Originally Posted by Ackers View Post
Reason I asked is it seems it doesn't fit around the tank and the bigger tank has pushed the front of the seat up causing the crease.
nothing pushes against the tank.
The back stop fits exactly in the lock.

The crease results from moving some weight around.
The fabric of the seat is in one piece from front to back.

Tightening and restapling, no more crease.

The rubber pads are worn and the thin plastic bottom rubs against the under things..

If this is how the Rivale seat fits to the Stradale then I don't think I'll bother
That's why I posted the pic.

Also this Stradale is the everyday ride, has lots of miles on the clock.

Restapled, 600 mi ride, no crease!

Practical vs cosmetic, function over form all that.


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