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I got a Kriega US10 for Christmas from the in-laws (well I bought it myself and gave it to my wife to give to them to give me, oddly they gave my wife the money for it... go figure...)

Have yet to fit it to the bike for real, just offered it up. Looks like it's made to fit on the pillion perch of the TV size-wise. Only issue is it'll make the bike more of a stretch to swing my leg over. I might have to resort to standing on the inner peg rather than the floor when mounting.

I accept that the US10 is pretty small but it offers some useful extra space for day to day stuff like waterproofs, food, bottle of water etc. I do have a Givi ST602 tank-bag (quite small) for phone, tyre repair kit, spare gloves, first aid kit etc. but this isn't quite enough if I don't have the panniers fitted. i,e, day trips or days on tour when we stay at the same location for more than one night, it's nice to ride without panniers. On last summer's tour my mate kindly carried my waterproofs on days like this and he's on a 996!

Kriega is really well made, waterproof and very adaptable. Well worth a look.

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