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Googling I discovered this fantastic news on another Forum!
Anybody here has any connection with Sprint Filter or could ask them at Eicma when they will sell these hoses for F4?

I want themI want them!!! :dev ilsmok

Is impossible for me to put also pictures, don't know why....

The cooling revolution

Sprint Filter has always been fully committed to perform engine air management in Motorsport industry for a long time, achieving extraordinary track results with various MotoGP, WSBK, STK and WTCC (cars) racing teams.

Sprint Filter becomes conscious that while the air flow is fundamental for the engine performance, the water flow is not a secondary player.

Sprint Filter proposes to the racing world a solution that satisfy four common performance aspects:

Reduction of pipe weight and thickness
Means of different hydraulic sections (in terms of geometry and area) zone by zone as required by fluid dynamics or customer requirement
Increase in neatness and precision of the layout
Increase in safety (operating pressure and temperature)

In order to achieve this target, Sprint Filter designed and manufactured the first special CFRP (carbon fiber reinforced plastic) laminate pipe. The pipe can be produced with various type of fibers (carbon, kevlar, glass) and resin systems (epoxy and cyanate ester) according to the customer need. The resultant gain in weight and thickness compared to the silicon hoses at the same p-T (pressure-Temperature) operating environment is massive (reduced by 75%) and consequently the weight (reduced more than 50%). Compared to aluminum pipe solutions the gain is vaguely reduced but still unrivaled.

The key point of the Sprint Filter CFRP cooling pipes is the possibility of shaping them as the customer desire for fluid dynamic reasons (reduce pressure drop, divide flow in various inlet or outlet, increase or decrease velocity, etc..) as well as for layout ones (be more compact on the engine, avoid critical rooming of the vehicle, be more integrated with the surrounding environment, etc..). It is possible to have variable pipe sections sector by sector as well as elliptical or square or whatever shape is required to meet the preferred target. Nowadays this possibility is null using silicone or aluminum pipes.

Pipes can be made with integral flexible sections for mounting reasons or vibration isolation as well as flexible extremities in order to avoid one of the two usual metal clamps than retain the silicone hose between two adjacent pipes. A rigid mounting to engine or radiator is also possible if the customer wishes for it. Another key aspect is that the pipe does not deform under pressure therefore keeps always the defined net shape.

Sprint Filter will be soon on the market with “ready to go” CFRP cooling pipes kits for most of the current street legal superbikes. The kit will be easily interchangeable with the original part without need of special tooling or mechanical experience.

This special part for Ducati Panigale will be presented at Eicma Show (Pad. 2 - Booth. H10)
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