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ISR , Brembo , beringerBraking brand, brakes

I have 12 Superbikes In my collection . I have different brand suspensions on many of the bikes to see which is best . In Brakes ISR brand is the best brake for the Buck.
Brembo has 3 category of brakes , there production line which is what comes standard on Ducatis ect then there is sportbike upgrade line for Sportbike trackdays , riding hard on twisties street riding ect. Then there is there Racing line. The racing line is there best, made for professional/amateur racing .
I have brembo 3500$ racing caliper on my 2010 Aprilia RSV4.
ISR brakes are on par with brembo racing line premium calipers at a cost of 1100 a pair.
Phenominal feel, lightweight as made from one piece of billet aluminum and exceptional power and look great.
The pads are individual , 1 per cylinder . 4 piston calipers have 4 pads , 6 piston has 6 pads.
Beringer brakes have great feel also, equal to any top tier brand .Much of the great feel is due to the fact the Beringer master cylinder quality. But as for power even the 6 piston calipers are a bit weak.
BRAKING brand makes IMHO the BEST front master cylinder on the market ..period (and only 265$. Brakings Cam type front master cylinders are as good as ISR space age looking master cylinder but without the square levers ( some like square levers but I'm traditional and still like the round lever ) Brembo again GREAT quality but to (almost) match the BRAKING master your looking at 750$ price tag. Beringer front master cylinder.. close.. second to BRAKING master cylinder cost 400$ (but they look the best )

FAST riders... if you want good feel stabilizing bike under hard braking , Racing line Brembo rear caliper OR ISR 2 piston rear caliper AND in any case a floating rear caliper Brake tech OR ALTO brand .
Hope this helped in your selections .

FYI... if you decide to go with racing line Brembo Calipers be prepared for paying 300$ for a set of front brake pads. Just had to replace front brake pads on my Aprilia RSV4. I still have tears in my eyes lol

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