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I understand ABS is the brakes and I can turn off traction control. On my GS , the ABS, could be turned off while riding and had to be to wheelie. If the ABS was left on and you gassed it in first or second, the front tire would only come up for a split second and the sensors would put the tire back on the ground. I think it was the rear brakes putting the tire back down. I thought I would have to do the same on the TVL. I don't know what the traction control has to to do with the ABS, if anything. I will try it tomorrow with ABS on, traction control on 4 and report back. Surely, I don't have to stop and fiddle with buttons to do a wheelie. I don't really like the feeling of electronics braking my wheelie and was trying to avoid it. I do like the safety features on otherwise.
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