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I would add that 2012 was the last year before they went to fly by wire throttle and also change to eldor ECU. I have a 2012 F4RR and my friend had a 2013 F4. A few subtitle differences I have notice

- Almost no tension on 2013 F4 throttle compared to 2012 F4RR which I did not like

- Issues with sensor light for exhaust valve till he removed the whole assembly

- With the change of ECU the only option for a tuner was the rapid bike which was more expensive than the power commander.

- 2013 F4 had the quickshifter which I wish the 2012 had but I will add myself

- 2012 have the reqular Olins and not the adjustable electronics Olins shocks

- There seem to be more fuel map updates for 2013 Eldor ECU than 2012.

- I prefer the 2012 Colour Scheme better personally but that is my personal choice.

Hopefully my inputs help, either bike you choose I am sure you will be happy owning an MV. For me the 2012 I was able to map and fix some of the fueling issues cheaper than the 2013 fueling issues my friend experience. Not sure if fueling is still an issue as this was about a year ago.
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