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Originally Posted by manicguitarist View Post
Hi folks!
Am looking for opinions on the F3 675.
Specifically, I'm looking to have fears of buying an expensive, if very pretty, door stop allayed.

Why am I looking for the 675 and not the 800? To be honest, I enjoy the lower powered bikes….

... (I might get the F3 lowered, I've gotten used to being able to get both feet flat on the floor - being a short-ass!).
Comments, opinions, advice and questions welcomed!
imho one motivation for getting the 675 over the 800 is the way the thing revs. The 800 is a stroked version of the almost identical bike, the 675 revs higher as a result. The sound is incredible and really impressed me more than expected, considering I never even heard one run before I bought mine.
I doubt you will need to lower the suspension and would recommend against it, the stock rear suspension is extremely stiff, like a high performance street bike should be. Guaranteed I'm a lighter rider then you are, I just lowered the spring preload a bit and ride on my toes. The saddle is very narrow at the front, so sliding forward will make it much easier to plant a foot on the ground :/ why would you need 2 feet down don't you know how to balance a motorcycle on its tires yet?
If you are looking for "lower powered bikes" you might not be buying the right machine, they have a lot of power on tap for a street ride. The bike will reward smooth throttle control. They don't like to go slow and need lots of air movement to keep them cool, hopefully you don't deal with a lot of slow moving traffic situations.
Original battery is indeed shite, and the original horn wiring is a joke, you will need to replace the wire to the horn with a longer one so it doesn't break.
F3 is awesome fun.
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