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Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone has any insight regarding delayed delivery to Australia. I was supposed to receive my bike end of march but still not here. Any info would be greatly appreciated as the dealer is telling me nothing!!

The 3 x bikes due for delivery in Perth, which were to be delivered in February, turned up in January. I would have thought they would have sent them all to Australia at the same time. When I went to buy mine, I was told they were all sold out. But the dealer managed to sort me one, so mine must have been the last to be sold. So yours should be here by now. What state are you in?
I contacted MV aus/nz when I inquired in December. Told me the same thing. All sold but can get you one. Paid my deposit then and told should have it end of march. Im in tassie. Your a lucky man to have urs mate. Its not the delay that bugs me just the lack of communication regarding the delay that has me a bit pissed. So far the customer support i have received has been extremely disappointing...
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