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Hi Chas

No it's not a great start, but having said that i know people who have bought 100,000+ cars and had plenty of issues, so it doesn't seem to matter how much you spend, it won't guarantee you build quality or reliability these days.

Manufacturers don't want to risk wasting precious sales time in getting products to market at the expense of longevity testing their products before hand. There were days when they used to make things bullet proof, sadly i think those days are gone for good?

Yes it's a Lusso, i have tried disconnecting the battery for an hour, done the factory reset on the dash, so i guess it's probably either a faulty GPS sensor or needs to be reset with a dealer diagnostic tool?

I agree the Mirrors are great, when they're not moving around on their own accord.

Oh you just reminded me of another thing, the rear left indicator on mine did stop working as well today, but a couple of old fashioned thumps seemed to do the trick, for now haha.

Dealer is about 2.5 hors away from me, 5 hour non stop round trip or make that 6 with coffee stops, thats if they can do it while i wait, which i am very doubtful of, but would love to be proved wrong.??
if not then going to be a long 2 days to drop of and pick up again. Wouldn't be so bad if i had a local one, but then again if everyone had an MV, they wouldn't be as special as they are.

Might have to see if dealer is willing to pick up or deliver, again very doubtful, have to see what transpires.

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