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Not a great start Johnsie. As you say it's difficult to judge your bike against other marques when there's so much right with it to start with. Partly backed up by the fact that we've just spent a sh*t load of money and need to justify to ourselves that we've done the right thing... Convinced that I have BTW.

Assuming that you have a Lusso as you are having issues with the bike's GPS. Just a guess but have you tried disconnecting the battery for a while, say 5 minutes, and see if that helps? There is a factory reset in the settings menu (gears on the left) on the dash but I suspect that just resets the various configuration options that the rider can make to the default settings. If a hardware problem then dealer will have to resolve under warranty.

If it's on does turning off the data logger make the warning go away?

I doubt it'll be a GPS initial acquisition thing as it's reported as a fault.

Rear brake pedal travel, hmmm, mine seems to need quite a bit of movement to get any bite. Must have a look at that.

I did read somewhere (can't recall where) that the coolant bottle, assume you're talking about the one to the right of the headstock, needs to be quite low when the engine is cold.

I've been surprised how effective the mirrors are once I'd adjusted them and found a sweet spot. A touch narrow maybe but I'm not complaining, no issues with looseness yet after 500 miles.

The LED indicators are my biggest issue, rear left gone completely, the front right has one LED out. On the demo bike it had two out on the front right. From the few times I've mentioned it here the responses from other TV owners seem to suggest that this is common.

I hope your dealer sees you right. Where abouts are you, your mention of the weather just having improved possibly means the UK?

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