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TURISMO First time out woes

Being as the weather here has finally turned to something more like summer here and i have found the the time, i took my first ride out on the Turismo today. I've been looking forward to riding it for months now and can say i am not disappointed, absolutely love it as an all round bike. It does everything pretty well, including falling apart 😜.

So i've only covered about 90 miles and the problems have already started.
Firstly the Dash comes up with a "GPS" error and won't go away, Secondly the clip that holds the rear brake lever to the master cylinder FELL OFF!!! and I was wondering why i had to push the lever so low to get any rear brake?, i knew the pedal is quite low from standard, which is annoying in it's self.

Finally i noticed the coolant bottle was almost empty before setting out, obviously not "PDi'd" very well so topped it up, but the thing still gets near max on the temp gauge with the fans going 10 to the dozen if you sit idling at traffic lights to long.

Don't get me wrong, even with these early faults, it hasn't dampened my spirits and i still love the bike and will persevere with it, as i know they will get sorted eventually, hopefully when it's due the first service, that's if they don't go bust in the meantime.

I knew buying an MV would have it's issues and understood what it would entail and i suppose that it's all is part of the game owning a piece of automotive art from a relatively small volume manufacturer, Although i have to say their passion, design, fit and finish is outstanding and companies like this do need supporting or they disappear and we're just left with bland, which is why i bought 2 bikes from them, can't really think of many other bikes or manufacturers i could say that about.

Also can't think of many other bikes (and i've had a lot of them) i would want in my lounge, just to stare at lovingly 😝

Has anyone else had or know about any of these problems or any short term fixes or solutions? the bike will go back to the dealer, but with a dealer 2 hours away and 4 bikes to ride this summer, that could be some while 🤔


P.S. Oh i nearly forgot, the mirror came loose as well..... at this rate there won't be much bike left to take back to the dealers 🙈😂
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