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Greg WTF!!! Thats is sad news mate. I'll keep an eye out for you bike (especially up the Old road).

The MV is not easy to sell complete or parts as there are only a handful in Sydney. Its not like a Jap bike. MV are easily spotted and I remember yours have 190x55 Racetec which were well used on the sides. Most MVs I notice runs the Michelins PP so its an easy spot. I remember the clear paint protection skin thingy on the front faring and the side fairing. Also has your headlight been fixed as I remember we went riding but you had a temp headlight.

If its ok with you I'll spread the words out on other forums? I've got your number on my mobile, so if I see or hear anyone trying to flog parts I'll let you know straight away. Also your 1000 is a mono seat as there are more biposto than mono, so its an easy spot.

PS : do you have any pictures of your bike and leathers, so I'll help you post them up on other forums.

Also when searching on tradingpost or ebay, do a search for MV Augusta as these farkers can't spell.

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