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Originally Posted by Bumpkin View Post
Hi all, first post

The Turismo Veloce has been on my radar from the start but the capacity difference has meant it was downgraded to curiosity option #1. Spoke to my local dealer (a very pleasant ride of less than 20 miles), who was conveniently manning the MV stand at the NEC Bike Show at the end of last year.
I had a 1st gen Multistrada, spent 8 years with an R1200GS, and test rode the current Multistrada before buying the TV (and a year before, picked up a Tiger 800 XRx). I ride mostly 2-up, and find that I don't miss having a 1200 twin at all, especially with the TV.

Have a little over 2K miles on the TV, so far no serious issues. I don't use the battery tender, but I ride it about 3-4x a week so I'm assuming (hoping) that shouldn't be an issue. My dealer was unable to clear the service nag message after my 600 mile service (computer wouldn't behave), but I just clear it manually after I start. The radiator overflow really doesn't like to have very much fluid at all - if you fill above the min line it will puke it out

The TV is the first MV I could actually ride with any comfort as I have cranky knees. It is a very fun bike - think sport bike with heated grips and cruise control . And it has tons of character. I giggle every time I ride it.
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