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Smile coming off a big accident.

hey guys, how you all been? sorry i couldnt make the Meet in socal Im coming off a bad wreck. My ape is gone,(OLD PEOPLE SUCK) and im coming off a few broken bones ,but mentaly im ok ( i think) But anyways now im stuck behind a few bills, so im kinda stuck behind the 8 ball. The insurance Bought me a new bike. But i may have to sell it. But heres what i am selling for sure. the bike is a NOS 02 MILLE R (SAME COLOR) how crazy is that?? I have since Put 26 miles on it.

My XL mv jacket feels like a large $620 new $400 obo looks new ,no holes
snap on KRL toolbox $800
02 mille R yellow $12K
suzuki 185 enduro $400

riding home from work,a old couple from Omaha deceides to cut 3 lanes of traffic, missing a beetle,and smacking a explorer while still going and hitting me off, allowing me to get airborn. while i hit the slow lane,slide to the side of the freeway (thank god) while a kenworth found the bike, i dont know what happend. (the emt said i was gone for 3 mins) all i remember was a girl with a nice rack yelling "DONT Take off the helmet" my bike gave her life for me and guess what the best part was. the old people had expired insurance from 06

how have you been? .

so if you all would help me buy buying something id sure be greatful THANKS!
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